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Recent PhDs

Name Date Institution Position Dissertation Title
 John  Nemec  2005 University of Virginia Associate Professor Saiva arguments against the grammarians: Somananda's Sivadr
Michael Linderman 2009 The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Pastor Charity's venue: Representing Indian kingship in the monumental pilgrim rest houses of the Maratha Rajas of Tanjavur, 1761-1832
James Caron 2009 University of London Lecturer in Islamicate South Asia Cultural histories of Pashtun nationalism, public participation, and social inequality in monarchic Afghanistan, 1905-1960
Vasu Renganathan 2010 University of Pennsylvania Instructor of Tamil The language of Tirumular's "Tirumantiram", a medieval Saiva Tamil religious text
Theodore Benke 2010     The Śūdrācāraśiromaṇi of Kṛṣṇa Śeṣa: A 16th Century Manual of Dharma for Śūdras
Walter Hakala 2010 University of Buffalo, SUNY Assistant Professor Diction and dictionaries: Language, literature, and learning in Persianate South Asia
Christopher Perkins 2011 University of Chicago Postdoctoral Fellow Partitioning History: The Creation of an Islami Pablik in Colonial India, c. 1880-1920
Aaron Mulvany 2011 Department of Social Development and Policy, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan Assistant Professor Flood of Memories:Narratives of Flood and Loss in Tamil South India
Melanie Dean 2011 Eckerd College Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies From Darshan to Drishti: 'Evil Eye' and the Politics of Visibility in Contemporary South India
Ayesha Irani 2011 University of Toronto at Missassauga Assistant Professor, Historical Studies Sacred biography, translation, and conversion: The "Nabivamsa" of Saiyad Sultan and the making of Bengali Islam, 1600--present
Simone McCarter 2012 University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion Tantric Selves: Body, Mind, and Society in the Religious Cultures of Medieval Kashmir
Steven  Vose 2013 Florida International University Assistant Professor Religion The Making of a Medeval Jain Monk: Language, Power, And Authortity in the Works of Jinaprabhasuri (ca. 1261-1333)
Ananya Dasgupta 2013 Case Western University Assistant Professor History Labors of Representation: Cultivating Land, Self, and Community Among Muslims in Late Colonial Bengal
Purvi Parikh 2014 Seton Hall University Instructor of Reigion Does Character Count: Moral Self-Fashioning in the Swadhyaya and Chinmaya Mission Movements
Kathryn Hardy 2014 Washington University in St. Louis Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities 

Becoming Bhojpuri: Producing Cinema and Producing Language in Post-Liberalization India

David Buchta 2014 Brown University Lecturer in Sanskrit Pedagological Poetry: Didactics and Devotion in Rapa Gosvamins Stavamala