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Elliot Marcel Montpellier

PhD Candidate


M.A. Islamic Studies, McGill University, 2015
B.S.P.H. Environmental Health Science and Asian Studies (Arabic), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2011


I am a dual-degree PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology and the Department of South Asia Studies. I am interested in the study of mediatized discourse about Islam, piety, and morality in Pakistani broadcast media productions, specifically television drama serials. My ethnographic work is located in Karachi, Pakistan as well as in digital spaces. I connect these overlapping virtual and physical worlds by examining the interplay of media production and reception and the impact of the Internet on shaping pious publics in South Asia.

Research Interests

Anthropology of religion, Islamic studies, Pakistan studies, piety, everyday religion, Urdu literary culture, anthropology of media, social media, television, media history, modern South Asia, mediatization, and affect.

Selected Publications

"Mirāt ul-‘Urūs on the Small Screen: Family TV Dramas and the Making of Pious Publics in Pakistan," Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies. 2020.

"Pakistani Vernacular Languages," Diversity in the Stacks, Penn Libraries Website. 2020.