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Kathryn Kalady Osowski

MA Student


B.S., Art history and Mathematics; Washington and Lee University


I am Kalady Osowski, a second-year M.A. student with the University of Pennsylvania's South Asia Studies program. I am broadly interested in contemporary cultural conservation, commercialization, and consumption of South Asia, particularly India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Although my undergraduate thesis work and Fulbright-Nehru research addressed these topics through an art historical lens, my work at Penn has taken on more anthropological and technological dimensions. Due to pandemic travel restrictions, I have adopted new digital field-sites to investigate the ways that culture "goes viral." My current projects include building online databases of conservation NGOs in India and Afghanistan, especially those that preserve the built environment; cataloging social media engagement with World Heritage sites and the Sanskrit epics; and scraping the Twitter footprint of India's Men's Rights Movement in the wake of #MeToo.

Research Interests

Cultural conservation, commercialization, and consumption; heritage site management; digital India; the contemporary period