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Pooja Nayak

PhD Candidate


MA Philosophy; Manipal Center for Philosophy and Humanities 


I am a joint PhD student in Anthropology and South Asia Studies. My ethnographic research involves a study of defunct industrial sites, human–environment relationships, and the ways in which scientific modes of knowledge production become new sites of capital accumulation.

Research Interests

anthropology of environment; state–economy relationships; ethnography of industrial labor; science and technology studies; history of modern South Asia. 

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant/Grader for:

Fall 2015 - SAST 063/ANTH 063/HIST 087 East & West: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cultural History of the Modern World.

Spring 2016 - SAST 006/RELS 066 Hindu Mythology 

Fall 2016 - SAST 150/PHIL-050/RELS 155 Indian Philosophy 

Spring 2017 – SAST 008/HIST 085/RELS 068 India: Culture and Society.