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Teren Sevea

Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Chair

Williams Hall 810
By appointment


Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles

Research Interests

 Religion in Modern South and Southeast Asia; History of Modern South Asia; History of Modern Southeast Asia; Islamic Connections in the Indian Ocean; Sufism in Early Modern and Modern South Asia.

PhD dissertation (2013):

"Pawangs on the Malay Frontier: Miraculous Intermediaries of Rice, Ore, Beasts and Guns" (Attained the Thomas Lifka Best Dissertation Prize).


Selected Publications

 Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia(edited with Michael Feener), Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2009.

"Sex to the Next-World: Esoteric Science for the Penis-bearing Mualaa inShi'ism in South East Asia. 'Alid Piety and Secration Constructions, Michael Feener and Chiara Formaichi, eds, London: Hurst, forthcoming.


‘Making Medinas in the East: Islamist Connections and Progressive Islam,’ Islamic Connections: Studies of Muslim South and Southeast Asia, Feener and Sevea, eds., Singapore: ISEAS, 2009. 

‘Islamist Intellectual Space: 'True Islam' and the Ummah in the East,’ Asian Journal of Social Science, Volume 35, Numbers 4-5, 2007, pp. 575-607.

‘Islamist Questioning of Colonialism: Towards an Understanding of the Islamist Oeuvre,’ Third World Quarterly, Volume 28, Issue 7, 2007, pp. 1375-1399.



Courses Taught

SAST 001 401Introduction To Modern India

SAST 009 401An Introduction To Religion in South Asia

SAST 189 401The Mullah & the Englishman: Muslims in Modern India & Pakistan

SAST 217 403CU in Southeast Asia: Sufis and Gods of the South Asian Diaspora (co-taught with Daud Ali)

SAST 249 401Re-Enchanting Modernity - A Guide To Sufism in South Asia

SAST 620 301Godliness, Miracles, and Madness

SAST 640 401Religious Bodies and Sex in South Asia