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South Asia Studies: Top nine reasons to Major in the department

As you begin preparing to declare a major, focusing your interests and researching and choosing a major can be daunting. You want to excel while in college and also prepare to enter the workforce once you graduate. It’s only natural that you will have questions relating to the level of support and study environment of each department, the financial support that you can qualify for while studying, and the future job market and your career prospects.

These are real issues, and requires understanding all the options – and its only then that can you make an informed choice about which major to declare. Here, we discuss one of Penn’s most renowned departments –South Asia Studies (SAST). It explains how a SAST Major can help you get the most out of your time in college and prepare for your next steps and work life.

What our alumni say about the Major

"I love how the department has a small feel to it and how people in the department are so friendly and supportive. The faculty are absolutely incredible and really willing to help students and support their intellectual agendas."

Kimberly Kolor, SAST Major, C'15.   Watch interview


"We undergraduate students have a strong sense that the SAST department truly is invested in our success. My professors know me and my goals, and they go out of their way to direct me towards opportunities that fit with my interests."

Ingrid Heidelberger, SAST Major, C'15. Watch interview