Undergraduate Awards and Fellowships

Holden Furber Prize

Awarded annually for the best undergraduate essay on any topic related to South Asia. The award will be for $300 and competition is open to all students of the University of Pennsylvania. Papers should be submitted to the Department of South Asia Studies, 820 Williams Hall, 36th & Spruce St. or send a pdf via email to Zoe Beckerman at zoeb@sas.upenn.edu. The deadline for submission of papers is Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 .


SAST Summer Research Grant 

The Department of South Asia Studies invites applications for the South Asia Undergraduate Research Grants, Summer 2014 Application deadline is Tuesday, April 1st.
The South Asia Studies department will award up to three research/travel grants (maximum of $2500 each) for Spring-Summer 2014 to support undergraduate research projects involving travel to South Asia.

 Applicants should submit:

 1) A statement of 500 words or less indicating the nature of their project and how it fits into their academic program at Penn (preference towards South Asia Majors/Minors)
 2) an unofficial Penn transcript
 3) a budget and funding request
 4) a brief statement from a faculty member who would be guiding the research (this may be addressed to "SAST Awards Committee")
 5) a list of other applications being submitted to support this research. (Applications for other grants will be viewed favorably in the review process.)

 The competition is restricted to undergraduate students in their first, second, or third year of study; applications from seniors graduating in Spring '14 will not be considered.

 Please provide COMPLETE applications to: Zoe Beckerman zoeb@sas.upenn.edu 820 Williams Hall (you may drop off paper applications or send in pdf form via email) The deadline for COMPLETE applications is now April 1, 2014 

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