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Summer Language programs

  1. South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  2. American Institute for Indian Studies (AIIS)


Do you dream of a career in international business, technology, diplomacy, medicine, or education? Prepare yourself for these globalized fields by traveling to India this summer, all without leaving the comforts of your hometown.

Penn’s STARTALK Student Hindi Program invites you to join us for a three-week, language- and culture-intensive experience. Learn how to gather your travel documents in Hindi, order food in a restaurant, ask for directions and have a simple conversation, board a train. Learn about the architecture and history of India through images and films. And best of all, engage in meaningful exchanges with guest speakers as well as with native Hindi speakers living in India on Skype!

Prior knowledge of Hindi is not required. This summer language and culture program is open to both heritage and non-heritage Hindi language students ranging in age from 9th grade to university undergraduates. You can enroll in the program for college credit or choose a less expensive, non-credit option.

Please note: the summer program is contingent upon funding, which is currently pending.