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A broad Liberal Arts Education

College is a time when students are encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity and explore their academic interests, to experience a broad liberal arts education and to grow as individuals and as young adults. The South Asia Studies Department offers ample opportunities to allow students to achieve all of these. With its diverse range of courses which include among others, Modern Indian History, Caste and Class in South Asia, and Religions in South Asia, students are guaranteed to develop key life skills including critical thinking, analysis and reasoning, and discussion and communication skills. Prospective students do not need any previous knowledge of the region of study, the subject, or the languages. We look for a willingness to learn and to engage intellectually with the course content. The classroom instruction is in English --as are the written assignments. If students have an inkling that they may want to develop a career with an international aspect, then a country language will stand them in good stead for their work life. In this vein, the department offers nine South Asian languages which students can enroll into. The levels include beginners, intermediate and advanced, and their instruction is tailored to meet the students’ individual needs and abilities.