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Majoring in SAST and Career prospects

Having a deep knowledge of a region and its key languages, in an increasingly competitive global job market, gives graduates a competitive edge over others with more generic skills. For this reason, declaring a Major in a topic that will lead to a job or to Graduate School studies is essential and improves the chances of post -graduation success.

Our alumni statistics show that 132 students majored in SAST between 1998 -2013. The latest survey of alumni, conducted in December 2014, shows that over 90% of our alumni have secured jobs in career fields of their choice. We are proud of our alumni – they have been successful, and have entered exciting and high-flying careers in sectors as diverse as medicine and care, policy-making and diplomatic services, academia and research, and investment banking and international marketing.

Our alumni discuss how their SAST major helped fuel their academic interest in South Asia, and more importantly how it helped hone their skills --which contributed to them securing a job and their progression. Read more about the alumni’s profiles.