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2018 Fall Hindi-Urdu Workshop

Location: 826 Williams Hall, University of Pennsylvania

Date: Saturday, November 17,  9:00 AM –4:30 PM


The Workshop will be organized by Gregory Goulding (Assistant Professor, Department of South Asia Studies) and is supported by the Department of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. The Penn Hindi-Urdu workshop will be modeled on the annual Spring Hindi–Urdu workshop at Columbia University. Sessions will consist of collaborative reading of selected and pre-circulated readings. The workshop will consist of two sessions, with Hindi the focus of the morning, and Urdu that of the afternoon. Lunch will be served between sessions.


This year's theme will be "The Progressives." As one of the most significant moments in the literary history of both Hindi and Urdu, the literature associated with the progressive movement presents both an essential body of work, as well as an opportunity to read across linguistic divisions. 


Texts for the workshop will be distributed ahead of time, and as much as possible will be made available in both the Devanagari and Perso-Arabic scripts. For more information, including readings, please visit:


The event is open to all! Click here to RSVP 

If you have any questions, please e-mail Gregory Goulding at