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Education Reforms in Global Context - Policy & Practice (Webinar) Nov. 23rd

Topic: "Education Reforms in Global Context - Policy & Practice"

Discussing the efforts of governments and international organizations to ensure quality education for all children, particularly in the times of COVID-19.


Type: Webinar (open for global audience)

Time: EST 11:00 am - 12:30 pm on November 23

Moderator: Usama Mahmud (Visiting Scholar)

Zoom Link: 


  • Alice Albright - CEO of Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
  • Dr. Murad Raas - Minister of School Education Punjab (Pakistan)
  • Dr. Sharon Ravitch - Professor of Practice at the Graduate School of Education (GSE)
  • Jamie Saavedra - Global Director for Education, The World Bank
  • Matt Brossard - Chief of Education, UNICEF Office of Research
  • Robert Jenkins - Chief of Education, UNICEF Program Division
  • Edward Davis - Head Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, FCDO