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Ameen M. Perumannil Sidhick

PhD Student


M.A Medieval History, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi – 2021

B.A (Hons) History, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, Delhi – 2019


I am a first-year PhD cohort at the Department of South Asia Studies at UPenn. I am interested in the histories of social memories in early modern South Asia, especially regarding the littoral communities of the Indian Ocean World. I am also interested in questions regarding intellectual networks and transnational identities centring on the Indian Ocean World. During my master’s program, I worked on Mappila identity formation, and its relation to Mappila literary productions regarding themes of resistance and memories of the ocean.

Languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, Persian

Research Interests

Social Memories

Indian Ocean Networks and Islam

Intellectual Histories

Islamic Scribal Cultures and literary Production

Transnational Identities

Early Modern Colonialism in South Asia