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Pali is the language in which most of the canonical literature of the earlier sage of Buddhism known as Theravada ("The Sayings of the Elders") or Hinayana ("The Lesser Vehicle"), dating back to some four centuries BCE, has been preserved. A knowledge of Pali is, therefore, essential for the study of Buddhism.

Course Descriptions

Students who wish to study Pali must have completed at least one year of Sanskrit. After an introduction to the language, courses in Pali focus on different texts in different semesters, and may be repeated for credit.

Online Resources

  Pali Language Sources and Resources
  Offers a dictionary, Pali texts from Buddhist Canon, a Pali Course and other resources. As of 4/28/2004 some of the site has broken links.
  E-Texts and Journals
  A list of Buddhist texts in languages traditionally related to Buddhism (Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan) and journals.