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Akhil P. Veetil

PhD Student


M.A. in English, Manipal University, 2017

B.A. in Psychology, Ambedkar University Delhi, 2014

Research Interests

Hindi Literature, Literary Criticism, Modern Indian History, Postcolonial India

Courses Taught

As Instructor

Spring 2022

COML 191.401/ENG 277.401/CLST 191.401. World Literature

Fall 2021

COML 150.401/ENG 085.401  War and Representation 

As Teaching Assistant

Spring 2021

SAST 063.401/ANTH 063.401  East/West: Modern World History

Fall 2020

SAST 001.401/HIST 089.401  Introduction to Modern India



Comparative Literature & Literary Theory (Joint PhD)