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Anirudh Karnick

PhD Candidate


MPhil English, University of Hyderabad

MA English, University of Delhi

BA (Hons) English, University of Delhi


I am a dual PhD candidate in South Asia Studies and Comparative Literature. In my ongoing dissertation, I study the transformation in the conception of poetry and aesthetics in the last two centuries, as literary historiography and practice are reorganized along linguistic lines. I do this specifically via a study of the substantial corpus of critical-theoretical and literary-historical literature on Hindi poetry from the late 19th to the mid-20th C. in North India. The transition from 'conventional' to lyric/modern poetry in the textualized high poetic traditions of the so-called Old World is a productive site for comparison across geographical regions. I am interested in similar processes -- the transformation of poetic practices, the reorganization of literary historiography, and the massification of standardized languages -- in modern South Asia, in particular, but also in Asia and Europe more generally.

I am also writing the first critical biography of Krishna Baldev Vaid (1927-2020), one of Hindi’s foremost modernist writers; the biography will be in Hindi and be published in the Raza Pustak Mala as part of its Biographies of the Masters series. I translate regularly -- at present, I am translating book-length interviews conducted by Udayan Vajpeyi with Shamsur Rahman Faruqi (Upanyāskār kā Safarnāmā [A Novelist's Odyssey]) and Krishna Baldev Vaid (Pravās aur Pravās [Exile and Exile]).

Research Interests

19th and 20th C. literature (especially in Hindi, English), Vernacular aesthetic theory, Literary historiography, Intellectual history, The afterlives of European modernism, Translation.

Languages: Hindi, English, Canara Konkani (not Goan), Bangla, Brajbhasha (intermediate reading), Marathi (intermediate reading), Sanskrit (basic reading).

Selected Publications

2023. "The Möbius strip of literature and criticism: Josipovici's Moo Pak (1994)." in Prasanta Chakravarty, ed. Assured Self, Restive Self: Encounters with Crisis. Delhi: Bloomsbury.


2017. Premchand, Munshi. "A Trip to the Hills." The Complete Short Stories, ed. M. Asaduddin (New Delhi: Penguin India)
2017. Premchand, Munshi. "Nitpicker." The Complete Short Stories, ed. M. Asaduddin (New Delhi: Penguin India)
2017. Premchand, Munshi. "The Corpse of a Marriage." The Complete Short Stories, ed. M. Asaduddin (New Delhi: Penguin India)

Courses Taught


  • SAST0001-401/HIST0850-401 Introduction to Modern India

Teaching Assistant

  • ENGL/COML 059.401 All of Beckett
  • SAST004/COML005 India's Literatures: Love, War, Wisdom, and Humor
  • ENGL065.001 Love in An Age of Cynicism
  • SAST007-401/COML013-401 Introduction to Modern South Asian Literature: New Literatures of Resistance and Representations