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Priyamvada Nambrath

PhD Candidate


M.S. Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas

M.B.A Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University


My dissertation research focuses on the applied practice of mathematics and astronomy in the sociocultural life of medieval and pre-modern Kerala. More broadly, I am interested in the intellectual and scientific history of India with a focus on cultural encounters, archaic modernisms, patronage and pedagogy. Language and literature, textual culture, and visual art constitute additional related areas of focus around my project. I am also interested in folk traditions of art and knowledge in South India, and ocean-facing histories of the region.


Research Interests

Indian scientific and educational history with a focus on the mathematical cultures of south India; South Asian art history; manuscript culture; Sanskrit grammar and literature; cultural encounters in medieval India.

Languages: Sanskrit, Malayalam, Manipravalam, Hindi, Kannada, Italian

Epigraphy: Vaṭṭezhutthu, Kolezhutthu, Grantha, Śārada

Technical: Digital Humanities

Selected Publications

Available on request.

Courses Taught

At Penn: SAST/MLYM:  Beginning Malayalam I | Co-taught in Fall 2022

At SASLI, UW-M: Intermediate Sanskrit | Instructor in Summer 2022

TA-ships available on request.