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A strong, dynamic SAST Community

The SAST community is unique. Out students are cosmopolitan and come from a diverse range of heritages and cultural backgrounds, different parts of the world and the States, and possess different academic interests. The department is small, and the faculty are trained in the best US and worldwide institutions. They are committed to supporting students to learn, engage and do well. The student organizations are dynamic and play an important part of student life. Students can plug into a whole swath of cultural and social student organizations, communities and events – including the weekly South Asia Colloquium. More recently we have begun developing our alumni network, which means that students can meet and be mentored by our alumni. This can be a critical first step to getting a foothold in a student’s career ladder. Prospective majors should seek the advice of the Undergraduate Chair, Dr. Deven Patel, by the second semester of their sophomore year.