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Elliot Montpellier

“Mediatizing Islam: The Digital Turn and the Promotion of Piety in a Pakistani Culture Industry,” defended May 5, 2023, with “Distinction”



Indivar Jonnalagadda

“Permanent Slums: The Limits of Property and Citizenship for the Urban Poor in Hyderabad, India,” defended April 28, 2023, with “Distinction,” (Current Position: Assistant Professor of International Studies, Department of Global and Intercultural Studies, Miami University, Oxford, OH)


Gianni Sievers

"Auditory Culture in Transition: Muslims, Music, and Nationalism in Colonial North India, c. 1857-1947," defended May 15, 2023, with "Distinction" (Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Utrecht University)


Timothy Lorndale

“Epic Translation: Ranna’s Sahasabhimavijaya and the Afterlife of the Mahabharata in Medieval Karnata” (Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Toronto)


Baishakh Chakrabarti

"Bringing Down the House: Gambling, Speculation and the Making of the Small Investor in Colonial India, 1867-1943," (Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre de Sciences Humaines-CSH)


Pooja Nayak

“Rust and Ferns: Work, Value and the Politics of Everyday Security in Kudremukh, South India,” (Current Position: Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow, Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany)


Joshua Pien

“Tracing Dehlavi: The Origins of the Hindi-Urdu Lingua Franca,” with “Distinction,”


Brian Cannon

“Claiming Caste: Land, Water, and Hierarchy in North India, 1660-1950,” (Current Position: Center for Excellence in Writing, University of Pennsylvania)


Ishani Dasgupta

Emergence of a Deterritorialized Nation: How Tibetan Political Practices Confront the Precarity of Statelessness (Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Case Western Reserve University)


Divya Kumar-Dumas

The Experience of Early Designed Landscape in South Asia: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, & Mamallapuram, India 


Samana Gururaja

Marriage, Kinship, and Political Hierarchy in the Evolution of the Hoysala Family


Philip Friedrich

Merchants, Ministers, and Monks: Making Buddhist Power and Place in Medieval Sri Lanka


Jawan Rasikh

Early Islamic Ghur, 10th-12th Centuries C.E.: Rereading The Tabaqat-I Nasiri


Samira Junaid

In Praise of Shahul Hamid, Historicizing an Islamic Tamil Hagiographical Tradition, 1650–1950 (Current Position: School of Arts and Sciences, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India)


Sudev Sheth

Business Households, Financial Capital, and Public Authority in India, 1650-1818 (Current position: Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania)


Michael Collins

Recalling Democracy: Electoral Politics, Minority Representation, and Dalit Assertion in Modern India


Darakhshan Khan

Fashioning the Pious Self: Middle Class Religiosity in Colonial India (Current Position: School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University, UK)


Samuel Ostroff

The Beds of Empire: Power and Profit at the Pearl Fisheries of South India and Sri Lanka, c.1770-1840


Sarah Pierce Taylor

Aesthetics of Sovereignty: The Poetic and Material Worlds of Medieval Jainism (Current Position: Divinity School, University of Chicago)


Purvi Parikh

Does Character Count: Moral Self-Fashioning in the Swadhyaya and Chinmaya Mission Movements (Current Position: Religion Studies, Muhlenberg College)


Kathryn Hardy

Becoming Bhojpuri: Producing Cinema and Producing Language in Post-Liberalization India (Current Position: Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ashoka University)


David Buchta

Pedagogical Poetry: Didactics and Devotion in Rapa Gosvamins Stavamala (Current Position: Department of Classics, Brown University)


Steven Vose

The Making of a Medieval Jain Monk: Language, Power, And Authority in the Works of Jinaprabhasuri (ca. 1261-1333) (Current Position: Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado Denver)


Ananya Dasgupta

Labors of Representation: Cultivating Land, Self, and Community Among Muslims in Late Colonial Bengal (Current Position: Department of History, Case Western Reserve University)


Simone McCarter

Tantric Selves: Body, Mind, and Society in the Religious Cultures of Medieval Kashmir (Current Position: Assistant Director of Tutoring, Vanderbilt University)


Ayesha Irani

Sacred biography, translation, and conversion: The "Nabivamsa" of Saiyad Sultan and the making of Bengali Islam, 1600—present (Current Position: Asian Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston)


Melanie Dean

From Darshan to Drishti: 'Evil Eye' and the Politics of Visibility in Contemporary South India (Current Position: Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University)


Aaron Mulvany

Flood of Memories: Narratives of Flood and Loss in Tamil South India (Current Position: School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan)


Christopher Perkins

Partitioning History: The Creation of an Islami Pablik in Colonial India, c. 1880-1920 (Current Position: Curator for South Asian and Islamic Studies, Stanford University)


Walter Hakala

Diction and dictionaries: Language, literature, and learning in Persianate South Asia (Current Position: Department of English, Buffalo University (SUNY))


Theodore Benke

The Śūdrācāraśiromaṇi of Kṛṣṇa Śeṣa: A 16th Century Manual of Dharma for Śūdras


Vasu Renganathan

The language of Tirumular's "Tirumantiram", a medieval Saiva Tamil religious text (Current Position: Tamil Instructor, University of Pennsylvania)


James Caron

Cultural histories of Pashtun nationalism, public participation, and social inequality in monarchic Afghanistan, 1905-1960 (Current Position: Department of History, SOAS, University of London)


Michael Linderman

Charity's venue: Representing Indian kingship in the monumental pilgrim rest houses of the Maratha Rajas of Tanjavur, 1761-1832


John Nemec

Saiva arguments against the grammarians: Somananda's Sivadr (Current Position: Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Virginia (


David Gold

“Tīrthacintāmani” of Vācaspatimiśra: A critical edition and translation of the Sāmānya, Prayāga, and Purusottama sections