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The Graduate Group in South Asia Regional Studies

The Graduate Group in South Asia Regional Studies, which is appointed by the Provost and issues graduate degrees, consists of all standing faculty of the South Asia Studies Department as above plus additional term members, here listed by the discipline of their home department.  


South Asia Studies 
Daud Ali

Davesh Soneji

Lisa Mitchell

Greg Goulding


East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Victor Mair 


Anthropology and Archaeology   

Asif Agha

Nikhil Anand

Brian Spooner

Kathleen Morrison


Art History

Sonal Khullar



Jere Behrman


Graduate School of Education

Kathleen D. Hall



Ania Loomba


History and Sociology of Science

Projit Mukharji


Landscape Architecture, School of Design

Anuradha Mathur


Media Studies

Rahul Mukherjee


Department of Music

Jim Sykes


Religious Studies

Jamal Elias

Justin McDaniel

Megan Robb


Political Science

Rudra Sil


School of Social Policy & Practice

Toorjo Ghose

Femida Handy