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The Honors program

Undergraduate Honors

Students majoring in SAST may graduate with "Honors in South Asia Studies" if:

1. They have a GPA of 3.5 or better in classes applied to the SAST major, and SAST 001-006, Freshman Seminars, or 009 SAST Writing Seminar

Earn in their senior year, among the 12 courses required of the major, a credit in "Directed Research" (SARS 300), by completing a senior thesis of honors quality.


  Students who wish to graduate with Honors in South Asia Studies must signal their intention no later than during the pre-registration period in the term prior to enrolling in SARS 300. They should, at that time, provide to the Undergraduate Chair an up-to-date copy of their transcript and a 250-word research proposal endorsed by the faculty member who will supervise the completion of the senior thesis.